Price list as at December 1st 2021

  • Bay of Islands Aero Club

Membership microlight members  $115 per year (1st April to 31st March)

Membership General Aviation members (PPl; CPL)  $140  per year (1st April to 31st March)

Clubroom hire $200/day (08:00 to 16:00)

Aeroprakt A32 $135/engine hour

P2008iS $225/engine hour

Instructor  $40/contact hour


Basic costs for Advanced Local Certificate

Club membership $115

RAANZ membership $80

41 hours in Aeroprakt $5535

80 instructor hours $3200

Medical $100

Log book  $40

Basic cost estimate total $9070

Most people will achieve this certificate for close to this price

Basic costs for a Private Licence

Club membership $140

51 hours in P2008 $11475

120 instructor hours $4800

Medical class 2 $400

(Private pilots may use a DVL medical when flying within NZ which will be cheaper)

Text books, charts $420

Airways/landing charges $200

Exams $500

Flight test $725

Licence issue $230

Estimated basic cost for PPL $18890

Very few people will achieve a licence for this price.  A budget of $30000 is suggested.